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Debug your websites for mobile view

LT Browser is a highly intuitive web development program that lets you build, test, and debug how your website looks on a mobile view. Developed by LambdaTest, this software can check the mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop view of your site—supporting over 50 different device resolutions.

LT Browser is a next-gen debugging program that focuses on mobile devices and how websites look and feel on them. This is crucial to web developers as users tend to surf the internet using their mobile devices much more than their computers. Thus, this browser ensures that your website is optimized for smaller screens.

What is LT Browser?

LT Browser is designed for working on mobile devices—whether it’s smartphones or tablets. Using this software, you can test how your website appears on different preinstalled mobile device viewports. However, this isn’t just for smaller screen sizes as you can also set resolutions and screens of laptops and desktops, as well. There are over 50 sizes available and you can even create your own custom device size. However, it’s not just how it looks that you can do tests on.

This dev-friendly tool features side-by-side mobile testing for comparison, allowing you to simultaneously check how your website is functioning while in the mobile view of two mobile devices. You can also see how landscape and portrait modes frame your whole website and even record a video of your tests for reference later. While this can only support two devices, you can also test on different resolutions at the same time using the mirrored interaction feature. This is important for checking the responsiveness of your web app.

Beyond the looks

LT Browser offers built-in developer tools for testing the responsiveness of your website. These DevTools are separate for each saved device size, allowing you to basically customize the settings and code. Hot reloading is also supported so you can instantly see changes happen in real-time after you save your code; the local URL will simply auto-reload in the application. However, testing the websites doesn’t include choosing the mobile browser you prefer.

If you’re interested in how the website is performing online, this software can also generate detailed performance reports for you. These will show an overall performance scope based on Google Lighthouse—including the SEO ranking, key performance metrics, and accessibility score. Take note that you can’t download these reports but you can share them via email or links. You can also test how your website runs on different network conditions. This web development tool has a built-in network throttling simulation feature that offers low-to-high network profiles and even offline mode.

You can’t make a custom profile for this, though. On the other hand, if you ever encounter a bug, you can just quickly share and report this to your team using the program’s one-click bug logging feature. This debugging software supports over 100 integrations for reporting bugs—letting you use programs like Slack, Trello, Jira, ClickUp, Microsoft Teams, Asana, and GitHub to easily communicate with your colleagues for a bug fix. 

Better mobile performance

Overall, LT Browser is a tool that web developers and designers can definitely benefit from. It features tons of resolutions for testing and allows for easy testing on different platforms. Plus, it lets you check the status of your website when it comes to online statistics, network capabilities, and mobile responsiveness. It doesn’t have some handy features—like the ability to download reports and have more than two devices for side-by-side comparison—but it still performs superbly for both beginners and advanced users. 

Mobile View Testing and Debugging On 50+ Screen Sizes

LT Browser allows you to ensure your website’s responsiveness over a variety of major devices and viewports. You can open a website in the LT Browser and perform live testing across 50+ pre-installed device viewports.

Users can check mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop view of their website on 50+ devices, option to create a custom device, test on two devices simultaneously for side by side comparison, debug on the go with inbuilt dev tools, improve website performance with google lighthouse based reports, test on different network conditions, mark a bug and share it with the team with help of 100+ integrations.


  • Over 50 different device resolutions
  • Generates performance reports
  • Side-by-side mobile testing comparison
  • One-click bug logging


  • Can’t select mobile browsers for testing
  • Can’t add custom profiles for network throttling

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LT Browser for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.8.6
  • 4.8
  • (5)
  • Security Status

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